How Much Can You Make with a Bitcoin ATM?

The revenue from a Bitcoin ATM, depends on several factors. The machine’s location is of utmost importance. A profitable BTM is often found in a conveniently accessible area with high foot traffic and general public Bitcoin interest.

For machines placed in an establishment, the opening hours and type of business are also very important. Restaurants and pizzerias are the most popular locations for BTMs.

On the lower end of the scale, some operators reported bringing in between $20,000 and $25,000 per machine while others reported up to $100,000 per machine.

The revenue per machine depends on the fee charged by the operator. Currently, the average BTM fee is 8.48 percent for buying bitcoin and 5.64 percent for selling.


Based on the real-life examples above it is seen that the business volume significantly varies from location to location and also among different Bitcoin ATM types. If you plan to install a portable Bitcoin machine in local shop or cafe, don’t expect $100k in monthly transactions, more realistic figures are in the range of about 50-100 transactions with about $10-25k transaction volume per month in a good location. With the middle class Bitcoin machines (scenario 2) you could expect the turnover to be in $20-40k interval in a good location. With bank-level Bitcoin ATMs one could expect the transaction volume of $50k or more per month in a popular place with a broad media coverage.

With increased competition among bitcoin ATM operators we see the are plenty machines located close to each other and hence the volume per machine is becoming lower compared to initial example of one machine in a city with a lot of hype and media coverage around it.

As we are only at the beginning of the Bitcoin adoption phase, sometimes it is not even that important to make your ATM profitable, but it is rather often used as a means of free PR publicity. With the level of Bitcoin ATM prices, it is relevantly small investment to increase the traffic to your local brick-and-mortar business. According to representative of a coffee shop and bakery, the conversion rate from ATM users in the shop is about 80%.