Crypto Mining Consultant

We’ve helped entrepreneurs with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions build a passive income investment mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our technical expertise and partnership approach will have you up-and-running quickly and efficiently.
What we do as crypto mining consultants is provide designs, builds and manage cryptocurrency mining rigs and large-scale operations. In addition to our expertise in mining, we are a full-service consultancy with deep knowledge and expertise in all (profitable, worth your time) things cryptocurrency, making us a valuable partner and knowledge contributor. We help you build and maximize your investment – we make money with you, not off of you.Our services roll up under the following categories but are not limited to the items listed below. If you are looking for help with some aspect of cryptocurrency that’s not described below – we probably do that too.

Full-Service Cryptocurrency Mining Rig and Farm Construction 24/7 Remote Management and Optimization Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Understand the opportunities for profitability in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other alts Individualized Training & Education Hardware Upgrade and Liquidation Service

24/7 Remote Management and Optimization

  • Active monitoring for maximum uptime
  • Active Switching between coins/pools for maximum profitability
  • Maximum profitability for your hardware – paid out in BTC
  • Software Upgrades and Tuning
  • Latest, fastest software packages
  • Power Efficiency Tuning
  • Tailored to your specific hardware, software and electricity cost
  • Web/Mobile Dashboard
  • Overview of operations
  • Rough estimate of daily profitability

Full Service Mining Farm Construction

  • Site Analysis and Design
  • Assembly and installation of ASICs, GPU, CPU or other mining hardware
  • Shelf/Hardware installation
  • General IT and Networking, Low voltage wiring
  • Security and surveillance
  • Customized parts selection specific to your build and needs
  • Neat, Quiet and High Resale value for residential farm
  • Scalability and Cost Control for commercial/industrial

Parts Acquisition and Resale Assistance

  • Bulk repurchase of parts for painless liquidation with competitive pricing for your valuable hardware.
  • We can offer you quick cash for everything, from the GPUs down to the cables.
  • Convenient and easy process, whether you have one GPU/Rig or 100.
  • Skip all of the hard work and time drain of reselling parts one by one and put your money back to work ASAP!

Individualized Training and Consultation

  • Storage and Security
  • Hardware wallets
  • Mobile wallets
  • Full nodes

Market Research and Accounting

  • Revenue, Profitability and ROI Reports based on your specific hardware and expenses

Market Research/Trading

  • General trends, analysis of specific cryptoassets