BASH Brings a New Level of Security to Bitcoin ATMs

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our ATMs are made American tough by a 100% American owned company. We have deployed over 20+ ATMs and throughout Texas and now we’re currently looking to expand nationally.

We noticed it was too easy to compromise or destroy every other Bitcoin ATM on the market. So, we knew we had to set the bar higher. The goal was to build a chassis that could withstand sledgehammer and crowbar abuse for at least 30 minutes without any being compromised.

The BEAST model looks mean because it is mean. With 6 hardened circular safety locks, 4x thicker metal used for the chassis (as compared to the competition), electronics mounted to vibration dampening materials and metal straps for strength and resistance to multiple physical attacks. We have built the baddest, toughest, meanest bitcoin ATM on the planet.

As the popularity of Bitcoin ATMs grows, so do the number of thieves looking for a quick score. The majority of competitors’ hardware can be compromised and cracked open with 2 carefully placed swings of a sledgehammer purchased at any hardware store or Walmart. The hardware looks frail — and that ultimately acts as an invitation to thieves.

However, when thieves look at the BEAST, they are looking at the biggest, meanest, toughest ATM on the market. The message is clear: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!

Many of the stores that host our equipment chose BASH ATMs to make a passive stream of income without the having the risk of a frail Bitcoin ATM. They want to keep their property and employees safe and their investment secured.